Tongkaina Kota-Manado, North-Sulawesi, Indonesia
Mon-Sun: 07:00 - 17:00



Guesthouse The 4 fish is ready and open for business. Unfortunately all airports are still closed for commercial flights. And up untill today the Indonesian Government is not currently issuing Visa On Arrival for overseas visitors. We are keeping a close look at the developments and events and will keep you posted on any updates when they are announced.

If you have any questions regarding visiting beautifull North-Sulawesi do not hesitate to reach out by WhatsApp or through this website.

The following is an overview of the procedures and measures that we have in place at Guesthouse The 4 Fish.



  • Regular training to ensure the compliance with all protective and preventive measures (handwashing, physical distancing, no physical contact etc.), updates and daily compliance check.
  • Safety and hygiene signs and posters at the entry, kitchen and guest areas to remind of the protective measures to follow during the COVID recovery period.
  • Regular monitoring of COVID-like symptoms including temperature checks.
  • Mandatory facemasks for everyone when in contact with other people or when exposed to
    high-touch surfaces.
  • Disinfectant spray bottles and towel wipes for kitchen and terrace.
  • Reusable masks supplied to all employees.



  • Up to date COVID procedures sent to all guests pre-arrival.
  • Health questionnaire sent to all guests pre-arrival.


  • Handwashing unit at the entry.
  • Welcome briefing including coronavirus protocol upon arrival for guests.
  • Guest health check questionnaire on check-in.
  • 3 step arrival procedure at the guesthouse for staff and guests.
  1. Mask check, 2. Temperature check, 3. Handwashing.
  • Guests or staff arriving by public transportation (including flights) are kindly
    requested to proceed directly to their rooms to shower and change clothes before engaging in other activities (clothes to be laundered as per covid laundry procedures).
  • Daily temperature check for all guests and staff.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection of cars before and after transfers and tours.
  • Private transport available.
  • Designated entries and exits to the front office.
  • 2 reusable masks are offered to each guests upon check-in.
  • Room keys disinfected daily.


  • Increased cleaning and disinfection of vehicles.
  • Disinfectant wipes / hand sanitizer are available throughout tours.
  • Private tours are available and all tours are available for limited numbers.


  • Meals are no longer served ‘buffet style’ and are served directly to guests.
  • New table arrangements at breakfast and dinner giving at least 4m2 space between each individual (1 meter around each individual).
  • Hand sanitizer and handwashing stations are available.
  • No self-service coffee/tea/sodas station. Free coffee/tea/sodas is available upon request and served by our staff.


  • Masks are worn by all kitchen staff during food preparation and are changed at least every 4 hours.
  • Strict compliance with existing Food Safety & Hygiene protocols by all employees dealing with food preparation.


  • We are working closely with our suppliers to ensure they are operating COVID prevention protocols.


  • Our laundry cleaning protocol follows all health authority and government recommendations (including type of chemicals etc.)
  • Procedures are in place for handling laundry which has come into contact with any guest or staff member suspected or confirmed as carrying COVID19.
  • Cleaning in guest rooms and common areas using approved active cleaning and disinfectant products, especially "high-touch surfaces".
  • Deep cleaning and aeration procedures in place for guest accommodation between guest check out and check in.
  • All laundry is treated with approved active disinfectant products.

Note: This is an evolving list of procedures. In the event that further procedures are brought into action, this document will be updated accordingly.

If you want more information and updates, travel advice and FAQ’s on Corona Virus! Check the World Health Organisations website here: WHO Website

Or check the CDC website and Travel FAQ’s here: CDC Website