Tongkaina Kota-Manado, North-Sulawesi, Indonesia
Mon-Sun: 07:00 - 17:00

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Yes! Guesthouse The 4 Fish has fiberglass internet with Free Wifi and is available for all rooms. Please be aware this is Indonesia and sometimes connection can cause issues when receiving or sending large data.

Lunch is not standardly included. If you want to have lunch at the Guesthouse you can ask for our lunchmenu.

We serve the best Vegan dishes. Please inform us if you prefer Vegan dishes.

Arriving from International Airport Sam Ratulangi:
When leaving the airport building best option is to take a blue bird taxi. Just mention Guesthouse the 4 Fish, Tongkaina to the driver. Prices of the trip is around rp.100.000 It takes about 30 minutes to reach Guesthouse the 4 Fish.

Check the info on this site or follow this link: Covid-19 update⚠️!

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